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The TRIFU Company has been founded in 1992 and has as a domain of activity, undertaking funerary services, dealing with every issue included in this field. From the beginnings has the company gained a leader position in the branch due a high sense of responsibility and devotion to our clients. As a result, we can offer you all the needed services and products in order to bury your beloved person.

Pompe Funebre Cluj-Napoca

The TRIFU Company became a brand in the field of funerary services, through prompt and quality based services, with the possibility to offer specific services and products in our land and in other countries as well, thank to our equipment. Due to this fact, we can maintain the standards required from the European Union.

Pompe Funebre Trifu Cluj-Napoca, Cluj - candle


"Thank you for your support and care. Pop Family."

Rares Pop

"Congratulations! You are wonderful! Hugs!"

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Trifu Company

Avram Iancu Street 20, 1 app
Telephone: 0264-450818
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0744 791 859
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